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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite color?
We don't have a favorite color, but we are always thinking green. Every piece we make nowadays has some rainwater component. Additionally, old, partial water bottles are reclaimed and recycled. We use this bottled water and rainwater to mix dye and other chemicals, and for hand and tool rinse water. Every drop of water we collect from rain and water bottles saves a drop from the hose.

What else do you do to enhance your products and processes?
We start with black buckets to harness the energy from the sun. Not your traditional solar power, since it does not generate electricity, but it does provide extra thermal energy, which reduces the amount of heated water which must be created in the electric kettle or from my natural gas water heater. While seemingly small, I believe this reduction in my carbon footprint is a step in the right direction.

Do you believe in magic?
I believe that whatever you believe is whatever. It is quite common for me to time the production of batches around full moons. When shirts are presoaking in my fixer, I like to leave the bucket open outside so that it can bathe in the light of the moon. Throughout the process, I expose every piece of fabric to each element. They get sunlight, moonlight, rainwater and salt. They recieve heat. They experience cold. They get fresh air on a regular basis, especially at live events. We have fun making tiedye, and we make sure that spirit of fun is infused into each item we produce. We have fun selling our tiedyes at live events where we can witness the reactions of our clients as that fun immediately possesses whoever wears our wares. It truly is magic.

Do you believe in science?
I am very meticulous by nature. I have applied the scientific process to my dye craft. Many notes over many years have helped me to hone in on the perfect concentrations of chemicals, and exposure times, allowing me to mix and create reproducable colors and guaranteed results. I use only reactive dyes which become permanently afixed to the fabric, and allow our items to be washed with whites - after ALL loose dye is purged. Wash alone or with friendly colors the first few times to be on the safe side. And never leave wet laundry sitting in the washer as some staining may occur, and I disclaim any liability.

How do I get ahold of you to make a custom tiedye for me?
Use this contact form which allows you to provide feedback, input or otherwise make suggestions. If I make a piece based on your suggestion, I will let you know. Alternatively, you could make a huge dontation to our ministry and we will make you something that you will really enjoy! It still helps to use our contact form so we know your sizes and colors.. :)

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