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How To Care For Your Tiedye

I have no liability for damage you cause to your new tiedye or other garments due to laundry, water rides or wet tshirt contests.

It is wise to be careful. If you have something expensive or sentimental, don't throw it in with your tiedye. That being said, I use a reactive dye which molecularly bonds to the fabric. After ALL of the loose dye is rinsed out of the garment, what remains is very permanent. I wash my tiedyes with whites, however minor amounts of residual dye can leave very large streaks on other garments in a prolonged, wet-contact scenario. Use common sense and wash it alone or with friendly colors for a while before getting crazy. None of my socks are pink, though, and I do it all the time. :)

Is it safe to wash this tiedye with other tiedyes you have purchased elsewhere? It is unwise. If they used crappy, department store dye, it will bleed every time it is washed. Just as you may not want it to stain other garments you own, you would not like it to stain the tiedye you get from us. If, for example, you got a nice patriotic, red white and blue from us, a green and orange tiedye from someone else could contaminate the precious white space of the red, white and blue. I feel like a garment is contaminated when that stuff happens during washouts.

My family appreciates your business. Keep an eye on for new items as they become available. Thanks again, and come back soon!

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