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Lost in research and development as I get ready for a 5 week course I will teaching at the Artisan Sanctuary.. This series of 10 classes will involve a lot of hands on projects that explore various techniques, as well as a lot of science and theory. You must attend the first day to participate in this course as we will be discussing safety first! Aug 22 @ 5pm.. Mark it on your calendar!
Summer of Love 2017 Music Festival was a blast! We met lots of great people, and good some good press. Thanks Channel 2 for showing how much fun was being had by people making their own tiedyes at our workshop booth! Keep an eye out for information about the classes we will be teaching at the Artisan Sanctuary starting soon! Thanks to everyone who helped, including the super nice screen printer at EDUskate Lindsey Sherwood, and a great guy who volunteered to help for the "Cultural Experience", Atul Sharma. Thanks to all the other vendors, volunteers and bands that made the event awesome! Thanks most of all to everyone that made a shirt yesterday!! Your enthusiasm is our inspiration!!
That other link was bogus, it didn't share correctly, so we have almost no votes. :( Please vote in this contest right now. It ends today, and 480 kids are counting on you!! Remember, voting is free, and you can vote for all of us if you do it at the same time! Thanks!!
Our family has entered some items into the Tie Dye Cup contest hosted by our dye vendor, Grateful Dyes in Littleton, Colorado. You can vote for as many items as you like and you can VOTE EVERY DAY!! Please visit today, and vote every day until the 20th, which is the last day of the contest. The proceeds from anything we win will be used to supply the art program at our local elementary school. There are 480 kids who will appreciate it if you would support us.
The Lea Family
Jazon, Becca, Jerry & Amber
Maintaining production through the winter is still challenging. The whole process has been moved inside, which makes things quite crowded, and risky as I've had 1 shirt catch fire already. This has provoked me to accelerate my plans to create the smart rack. This will allow me to program several safety features into my process. If you are not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, you should get that way. It is the future!!
It has just been so blasted cold, nothing has been getting made. We have a dozen whites staring us down, so there will be more soon! Your understanding is appreciated. In the mean time, if you have any requests, let us know!
CR Tie Dye is proud to announce that we have continually improved our process to allow us to maintain production during the winter! The colder it gets, the hotter our T's!! Start your new year off right. You know you want one.
It is a good year so far! We have several new pieces which will be appearing here over the next few days as we have time to add, but one of them is already on the list.
Also, we have been taking this water conservation thing to heart as we experimented with a waterless dye delivery system! We have had 2 successful tests of this method so far, with many more to be appearing this summer. That is correct! We are reducing water usage even more and eliminating chemicals related to dissolving dye in water, and it's longevity in water. We are thinking about you, California. We are also thinking about a process which will allow a totally water free future for tiedye on the moon, or mars..
Check it out, man!! I finally got a shirt available for sale!! Now that the obstacles are out of the way, more will come quickly. The hustle will have to wait, as PayPal buttons don't let me negotiate. the list will only show you items available for sale, not previously sold or stolen items.
Our production season begins when outdoor water returns to a liquid state. We got our first batch of the year finished just in time for St. Patty's day! We mixed 9 different colors of green and went crazy! Best of all, thanks to all of our customers, new and returning, we sold the entire run within 24 hrs!! What a fantastic start to our season! I'm proud to say I have no new inventory at this time, but check back soon and often.
If you are interested in our customized hemp canvas products, please contact us directly to order. Oversized bean bag chairs are great, but material costs are considerable, and they fluxuate, so each piece is custom sized, priced and built. Our chemically reactive dyes are ideal for all cotton and hemp products. Order now to make sure we can produce and ship these out in time so that you can get it before Christmas!
Our resolution for 2015 is to make each of our processes even greener than ever! We are always watching our water usage, but now we are watching our waste water as well! 2014 we used approximately 50% of the water we needed in years past, and this year we are implementing more precise application methods which will meter a more correct amount of dye, reducing water usage, water run off, and wasted chemicals! We've already told Santa that we want a rainwater catchment system for Christmas so 2016 can be even greener yet!!
Your order will be shipped promptly after your payment has been received. All items are handmade, and although some may bear similarities, each item is unique. We are happy to customize an item to your preferences of size, pattern and color choice, but for custom orders, please allow 2-4 weeks for us to make the size and pattern you request. Since we work outside, it's always weather permitting. Perfection takes time, so delivery times vary.
PayPal screwed up my buttons and it's messing with my code. If you have the means to do so, please just call me. I'm making all kinds of deals to get rid of stuff that PayPal screwed up so I don't have to recreate all of my buttons from scratch. We have about 50 pieces right now that are available, but which are not pictured here.
Due to theives in Jacksonville, Florida, all of my previous unsold inventory is no longer available. If this is an inconvenience to you, imagine how I feel. Please be patient and check back frequently as we add new inventory that is even better and brighter than ever! My family and I appreciate your business!!

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