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From the front line:
Summer of Love 2017 Music Festival was a blast! We met lots of great people, and good some good press. Thanks Channel 2 for showing how much fun was being had by people making their own tiedyes at our workshop booth! Keep an eye out for information about the classes we will be teaching at the Artisan Sanctuary starting soon! Thanks to everyone who helped, including the super nice screen printer at EDUskate Lindsey Sherwood, and a great guy who volunteered to help for the "Cultural Experience", Atul Sharma. Thanks to all the other vendors, volunteers and bands that made the event awesome! Thanks most of all to everyone that made a shirt yesterday!! Your enthusiasm is our inspiration!!

Many of the tiedye items I produce are commissioned works. Once I know some things about you, like your size and favorite color, I can make a shirt that is sure to be your favorite! Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation using my handy dandy contact form!

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You Can See Me
NewBo Music Fest
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